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    Are you so busy that it seems like there is simply not enough time to do chores? How about trying out some DIY cleaning hacks to speed things up? Remove rust or bring the shine back to your old jewelry with ease! Create your own DIY giant lint roller to gather small hair from couches or sofas! Try using all of these smart cleaning hacks to speed up your daily cleaning routine and make it so much faster! Stay tuned to learn more clever DIY cleaning tips by Crafty Panda!
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    00:04 No Splash Hack
    00:59 Clean Shower Head
    01:34 Remove Makeup Stains
    02:08 Remove Rust
    03:10 DIY Giant Lint Roller
    04:02 Shiny Cleaning Options
    04:47 Glass Cleaning
    05:35 Cleaning Silver
    06:35 Laundry Hack
    07:41 Slime Clean
    09:12 Magnet Sponge
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      Hey, Neat Pandas, 🐼💙 Cleaning tends to be really boring! 😒👎🧻 So here are quite a few smart cleaning ideas to help you out! 🚿🧼🧽 Let me know which of them you will add to your cleaning routine! 😷👌🗯️ Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 🌟🌟🌟 Much love from the Crafty Panda 💖💖💖 P.S. If you enjoyed this video, you might also like 😉: paprom.info/block/v/bq21hMak4IeFu4o.html

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