Girly MAKEUP IDEAS! 11 DIY Beauty Hacks by Crafty Panda

Crafty Panda

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    New day, new makeup struggles! But it doesn’t always have to be like this, right? With these amazing beauty hacks, we can turn that daily routine into a playful experience! Learn an alternative way to remove makeup, try out that mermaid makeup, or play around with temporary tattoos! Stay tuned for these and even more simple and easy beauty hacks!
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    00:00 Vaseline Lipstick Removing
    00:36 Portable Lip Gloss
    01:39 Foil Eyeshadow
    02:38 Temporary Tattoo
    03:59 Bobby Pin
    04:49 Mermaid Makeup
    05:31 Cat Eye Tool
    06:14 Ruler For Makeup
    07:37 Vacuum Ponytail
    08:25 Glue Lip Stain
    09:43 Q-tip Makeup Hack
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      Hey, Gorgeous Pandas, 🐼🖐️ Wanna upgrade your daily makeup routine? 🤔👄🖌️ I’m sure you will love these simple beauty solutions! 😍💋💄 Let me know which of these beauty hacks you liked the most! 😷👌🗯️ Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 🌟🌟🌟 Much love from the Crafty Panda 💖💖💖 P.S. If you enjoyed this video, you might also like 😉:

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