COOL & FUN SCHOOL HACKS ! 11 Back To School Ideas and DIY School Supplies By Crafty Panda

Crafty Panda

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    In the middle of the summer season, there’s always enough time for a good bundle of cool school hacks, right? And we’ve brought you the best ones too! Learn to hide all of your important math formulas right on the surface of a cola bottle or make use of an old pair of jeans by making a case for your Kindle out of it! Discover how to organize and write your schedule directly onto a photo frame or make an emergency slingshot out of a simple paperclip to take revenge on those school bullies! Stay tuned for more DIY school supply ideas, back to school hacks, and more!
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    00:00 Hide Words
    00:44 Cheat Sheet on Cola Bottle
    01:38 Mess-Free Paint
    02:22 Pi Numbers
    03:20 From Jeans To Kindle Case
    04:59 Photo Frame - Whiteboard
    05:53 From Paperclip To Slingshot
    07:18 Delete Bad Marks
    08:03 Earphones Holder
    09:02 Sneak Chips Into Class
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