ART is FUN! 8 Amazing Art Ideas and DIY Painting Hacks By Crafty Panda

Crafty Panda

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    Is that empty spot on the wall screaming for something pretty, but you’re just out of creative ideas? We’ve got some awesome DIY art techniques that might just boost your creative energy! Learn to use a simple thread to make some astonishing abstract art or, before throwing out that disposable lunch box, why don’t we use it as a stencil for a colorful acrylic print? Discover how to decorate a plain white plate using permanent markers and a bit of DIY magic! Stay creative with these DIY art ideas, painting techniques, and more!
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    00:00 String Art
    01:23 Disposable Plate Stencil
    02:44 Mandala Hack
    03:52 Stencil Swipe Art
    05:00 Sharpie Art
    06:05 Cellophane Art
    07:40 Stay-wet Palette
    09:01 Flower Print Pillow
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