11 FUN DIY EPOXY RESIN and Home Decor Ideas by Crafty Panda

Crafty Panda

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    Let’s try making our own amazing decor items and accessories out of resin! Resin is one of the best materials to use for jewelry crafting, so here are a whole bunch of creative DIY resin craft ideas! Create beautiful earrings using dried flowers and resin, or add an artsy touch to your home by creating your own gorgeous tray or some lovely coasters! Go get your epoxy resin and stay tuned to learn how to create fun epoxy resin home decor pieces and accessories!
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    00:04 Gummy Bear Coaster
    00:54 Cement Jewelry
    01:50 Resin Tray
    02:55 Lens Earring
    03:40 Pendant Necklace
    04:51 Wire Frame Earrings
    06:41 Acrylic Pour Art
    08:13 Ice-Cream Magnet
    09:39 Spoon Pour Art
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